WordPress Design & Development


Designed Differently

Modern websites, especially those created with pre-built themes, tend to focus heavily on aesthetics. They look and feel modern. But no matter how good it looks, a website is useless if it doesn’t do what you need it to: help your business make money by generating leads or sales.

At Blue Summit Creative, we start our custom WordPress site development process by figuring out how to attract the right audience for you and convert them into paying customers. Our team thoroughly researches your business and industry as well as the market you need to target to make sales. We don’t want to just sell you on building a new site. We want your site to do what you need it to- make you money.

Site Development

The foundation for a good website is it’s performance. Certain elements need to be set up in specific places to ensure that your site will run properly. Your site needs to be responsive (mobile friendly). It needs to load quickly and consistently. These are things our development team has worked hard to build into our development process so your site is guaranteed to work properly.

Graphic Design

How a site looks makes a big difference. It’s the first impression you get of a brand. Our team’s graphic designers know exactly how to capture the special details that tell your brand’s story and display them on your site. We’re not exactly mind-readers, but we’re often mistaken for them.

Written Content

Even if everything looks nice, it’s still not enough. The messages that appear on your website must be convincing. Our writing team has the knowledge and experience to capture the essence of your brand’s identity and create the phrases that portray your brand in ways you never thought possible.

A Starting Point

On your journey towards the summit of success, your website is just a starting point, albeit a very important one. It can make your job easier if you have a good one. And we want to help you make your job easier.