About Us


About Blue Summit Creative

We love doing business the right way. We’re kinda nerdy about it. We get a little giddy when we find new tools and techniques that make the work we do even better. When we see marketing done right, we get really excited, even when it’s not our work. But what really excites us and makes us shout and cheer, is when businesses thrive, especially when they are our clients. In the end, we are a sales training and business development organization disguised as a marketing company.

People Matter

On paper, we serve businesses. We’ve got the tax documents to prove it. But we don’t serve faceless mega-corporations. We serve the people who work in businesses. Whether you are a business owner/CEO or an entry level worker at our client’s business, we are here to serve you.

We serve you by providing the right tools, development, and training solutions to help your business thrive. We believe that the best way to take care of ourselves is take care of others, which is why we constantly remind ourselves that in every interaction, people matter first.