Being found on Google is no longer optional. This is how many businesses attract customers. Excluding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from your business plan can be detrimental. It’s been estimated that the number one result in any Google search gets up to 56% of all of the click traffic on a page.

Making sure that your site is found online takes a complete approach to SEO. We carefully design and code your site and integrate that with custom-crafted content that follows current best practices for the search engines, with an emphasis on Google, as it dominates search traffic today.

Effectively mastering SEO is as much art as it is science; and keeping up with the latest trends and best practices, in response to changing search algorithms is something we work on constantly. Based on our research and understanding of your business, industry, and market, we select the right combination of keywords to use while developing content, and create content geared to attract the attention of both search engines and the humans seeking the expertise, products and services you provide.

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