Fort Collins SEO? Who knew that would be such a sought after service? It seems almost as competitive and over-saturated as the market for chiropractors!

Fort Collins SEO is aimed at helping businesses ranking better on Google.Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process taken when you want to increase your rankings on Google. You know when you type in “fort collins SEO” or “freelance SEO in Fort Collins?” The results that show up have likely been optimized for search engines so that users like you will find them. Finding more about the nuts and bolts of SEO here: Search Engine Land.

If you rank number one, you’ve got a strong competitive advantage. You see, 56% of all click traffic that happens on a search results page (SERP, for you nerdy folk) are on the first result. These “organic listings” as they’re called can be some of the best advertising you can get. Sure, pay-per-click ads might bring you some business, but there’s no guarantee of placement. As soon as someone else can put up a quality ad that gets better clicks than yours does, and they’re willing to pay more for those clicks, you might have just lost your position in the paid listings. But why would you want to be number one in paid listings? The only people looking at the paid advertisements are tire kickers. That means they aren’t ready to buy from you yet.

What’s the Real Reason Businesses Should Consider Fort Collins SEO Services?

SEO goes beyond being number one on Google. I mean, really, who cares if you’re number one on Google? You aren’t sitting around at a dinner party bragging about your top rankings in search engines; you want to be able to see something tangible such an increase in revenue because you’re number one.

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