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After working in several organizations and running a business for some time, similar questions and challenges come up regularly. These same items tend to come up over and over again when we’re working with clients, too. Often, issues arise that are related to various aspects of marketing, but they also frequently touch on broader aspects of being in business.

Sometimes, struggles leave us frustrated and we have good intentions of addressing whatever it is we’re wrestling with, but it can be hard to stop and carve out time to work ON your business rather than IN your business. We get it. We experience that, too, as do our other clients. Really, any organization you can think of encounters questions and problems just like these.

In many cases, what you need to make progress on these types of struggles is a sounding board and an accountability partner. We’ve played that role many times over the years, for clients, peers, contractors, and even friends and family. That’s why we offer business coaching services as an extension of our creative services.

Marketing can – and should – touch on all parts of your business. Likewise, all parts of your business – whether they’re going along perfectly, or need some improvement – impact your marketing and sales efforts and the results they yield. Conquering challenges in marketing often naturally extends into other areas of operating your business, and conquering those related challenges, too.

We’re happy to help you with creative ways to approach and solve your everyday business challenges, too. We schedule regular coaching sessions with a number of clients – some who turn to us for marketing services, others who just need some advice on improving the way their business or some part of it is run.

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